Wolf package (all conditions)


All Conditions SUP/ Full package
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Ship dates are not guaranteed* It can take extra time to get orders out depending on volume. We do our best, so please be patient. We do our best, so please be patient. We DO NOT have any boards in stock at the Aspen store during the backorder.


Everyone knows wolves are one of natures most versatile and beautiful creatures. They adapt to any challenging weather or terrain condition. A Wolf can travel great distances and they prefer to travel in packs. The Wolf by HS is inspired by the soul of these amazing animals and their interaction with the nature that surrounds them.

Packed with features and a rocker-ed nose/flat tail profile, The Wolf is built to be a one board quiver, great for Men or Women. It will take you wherever you want to go- rivers, lakes, and beyond. This subtle grey masterpiece was designed by Denver artist Robert Maestas.


-Dual action hand pump with gauge, ergonomic handle 
-basic 2 piece collapsable aluminum paddle 
-1 large composite removable 9" center fin with EZ-Clip attachment
-2 rubberized fixed side bite fins

-10' Ankle leash

-Heavy duty backpack with quick dry mesh side panels and plush shoulder straps 

-Repair kit includes valve wrench and patch material (does NOT include glue)

Go ahead, pick one up or even better have your wolf pack get a couple and save!


  • Commercial grade material
  • Incredibly stable 32" wide deck 6 inch thick construction to keep you up above the water.
  • Versatile rocker profile for all conditions
  • comfy, ergonomic and balanced carry handle
  • commercial grade valve for quick inflate and locks open for fast deflate.
  • Inflates up to 18PSI.
  • Luxurious diamond pattern, no-slip traction pad
  • single rear D-rings for accessory attachment
  • A D-ring bungee system for attaching gear and other necessities
  • HS custom fin box for slide fin with tethered clip
  • Every HS Paddle Board goes through a multi step quality control and finishing process
  • Heavy duty drop stitch construction with multi layer, laminated reinforcements (see diagram for details)
  • Wolf dimensions; 10'6L x 32"W x 6" thick.
  • board weight:29lbs
  • total package weight:37.3
  • Inflates to 18psi in under 10 minutes*  and is as rigid as a hard board
  • Imported
  • 3 Year limited warranty( board only. not transferable. does not cover abuse, misuse, normal wear and tear, punctures or loss)
  • 30 day limited warranty on accesories.(does not cover abuse, misuse, normal wear and tear, loss or breakage)
  • 30 Day Hassle Free Return Policy* contact us for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions 


Ordering and Shipping 

When will I get my order? 

We keep the website updated with estimated ship dates for boards that are on backorder. The dates will change as our supply is sold so the date you see when you make your order is correct. We are seeing a huge volume of orders and appreciate your patience! 

Can I pick up from your Aspen showroom or the Denver warehouse? 

All of our products ship directly out of our warehouse in Denver, so the most efficient way is for them to get shipped directly to you. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate pickups at this time.

My billing and shipping addresses are not the same. Can you help? 

Yes! Place your order through the website and use your billing address. You can shoot us an email to with your order number and shipping address and we will get you updated! 

How can you offer a buy one get one free on SUPs?!

 We run these amazing promotions whenever we can to get you the best pricing possible and get you into the sport of stand-paddle boarding! 

How do I use the BOGO code? 


What's the difference between all the boards?

The USSHS2 is the only board with different dimensions. It’s wider than the others. The rest of them are basically the same as far as dimensions go, but the price difference is dictated by the number of each model we produce (the more we make, the less they cost to make), the accessory package included, the graphics and other small details like number of D rings or type of fin box. All these factors are taken into consideration. All boards are part of a complete paddle package and come with the same 3 year warranty. They are all built with the same materials and attention to quality. 

Does the paddle board come with a pump? 

Yes. All boards come with a pump, paddle, backpack, fin, repair kit and strap to hold it together. All models EXCEPT THE ZG come with a 10 foot leash. 

How long is the BOGO deal going on?

Our BOGO deal is based on stock. Once inventory levels hit a certain point, models will go into back order status and shipping dates will be posted on the product pages. At that time, pricing may also go up a little. You can still order, you just have to wait a little while. 

Which board is good for a beginner? 

You really can't go wrong with any of these boards. The USSHS2 is the widest so the rider can get a little wider stance and possibly better balance, but all the SUPs are good for beginner to advanced paddler in most conditions. 

Gear Questions and Tech 

How much does the board weigh? 

All the boards weigh just under 30 lbs, except the USS HS 2 which weighs 30.5 lbs. 

How much does the whole package weigh? 

The whole kit weighs about 42 lbs. 

My pump gauge isn’t reading.  

Most of the time, the gauge only begins to register when there is 7-8PSI in the board. The board will feel very firm at that point. I would suggest you keep pumping to see if it starts to register. If it still wont work, shoot us an email at and we can help you out.

How firm should my SUP be? 

Boards should be blown up to 15 PSI. 

15PSI is more than it sounds like but necessary to get the board to its fullest potential. The last 5PSI are the hardest but go the quickest. The pump is dual-action, and you can use double-action till you get to 8psi then switch to single action to finish. 


Do you sell an electric pump? 

We do not sell an electric pump. This is the electric pump we use at the shop and so far we love it.

Do the paddles float? 

No, our paddles are not made to float. They will float for a short amount of time when dropped in the water, but once they fill with water they will sink. If you want to ensure a floating paddle, you can put a small piece of pool noodle on the handle nearest the blade. 

I broke my fin…

Fins are not covered by any sort of warranty. They are thin so they can break easily if you're not careful. Never put the board down on the ground, fins first if the long fin is installed.  Be very careful in shallow water! When in doubt, take the middle fin out! You can get replacements from the website.

I busted a D ring! 

Oh no! Luckily it’s an easy at-home repair. 

Here is a link to the materials you'll need.

 The D-rings come with easy to follow instructions. It's all about the clean and prep. 

You'll need to mask off the work area around the D-ring well. Then use a little acetone or basic paint thinner to get the old material off.  A green scrub pad helps to get the old glue off and will make the SUP material a little tacky and discolored-but that's what you want for good adhesion of the new glue. Spread some of the HH-66 glue on the D ring patch and position in place. It takes 48 for the glue to cure and then you can tie the bungee back on and be good as new. 

 Glue: HH-66 vinyl cement glue

D-Ring: YYSt D Ring patch for PVC inflatable SUP w/ stainless steel D ring. 


My valve is leaking. 

Check your valve for debris or any broken parts. If its all good, then use the valve tool from the orange repair kit to tighten the valve.  All you need to do is line up the teeth and gently tighten (clockwise).  That should take care of it.  If not please let us know.  The valves are installed by hand and can loosen up due to the pressure so they do need to be tightened from time to time.


Can I try one? 

You bet! A few shops rent our boards:

Aspen, CO 

Aspen bikes, replay sports, aspen whitewater, elk mountain expeditions


 Denver outdoor adventure company- 

Montrose, CO

Sports Rewind

Carnation, WA

Carnation paddle sports

Grand Haven, MI

Amy Russell, Great Lakes ambassador