Why HS? Because its the smarter way to buy your gear. Period.


I often get the question, “ why are your boards and skis so cheap?”. I want to start by comparing the word 'cheap' to 'inexpensive'. Cheap brings to mind something that is built for a once time use at a budget price. Like a disposable razor, or a plastic water bottle. On the other hand, ' inexpensive' means it doesn't cost a lot compared to other things similar in quality. Since we started HS, our only purpose was to bring better, stronger gear to the market for riders and skiers like us. With our manufacturing partnerships, we have done just that, and we've been able to bring those items to you at what amounts to wholesale pricing. How do we do this? We have eliminated our need for expensive print advertising, pay-to play product tests, brick and mortar dealer mark up, and paying for legitimacy by sponsoring high profile athletes. Our gear is built in Denver, CO U.S.A., by hard working folks with years and years of experience, top of the line machinery and tools and the most expensive and high end materials available including carbon fiber. You also get a 2 year limited warranty, free shipping/ returns, and the HS guarantee. I challenge you to compare any HS products to other boards and skis at double the money and see, we are easily the smarter choice. Its simple; With HS, you get more than you pay for.



-Jason Flynn

Co-Founder & G.M.


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