HS Guarantee


High Society has been building premium snowboards and skis since 2003.  Our collection represents 12+ years of research, development, and innovation.  During this time we worked directly with thousands of customers to fit them with the right HS gear.  Our knowledgeable team can communicate with you by phone, internet, or in person to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.  We are so confident in our gear's quality, performance, and fit that we are proud to offer the HS Guarantee.

HS focuses on direct to consumer sales - this allows us to price our product competitively for you, the customer.  However, it makes it more difficult to get hands on the product prior to making the purchase.  We understand this and are offering the Guarantee to prove our commitment to quality and performance.

How does it work?

Use any ski/snowboard for up to 3 days within a 14 day period (starting upon delivery of your ski/snowboard).  If you are not completely satisfied then return the ski/snowboard for a full refund minus shipping costs from and to High Society.  We can supply you with all shipping labels to make it easy.  

Boards and skis are subject to inspection upon return and must be in resellable condition.  This means no rock damage/ impacted edges/ core shots/ delamination/ etc…

We can proudly say less than 1% of our customers send the product back after use!

*Guarantee subject to change/termination at any time.